Sunday, January 8, 2012

There is a cure for the January blues.

As a lot of you know, January has not been my favourite month for over three years now.  That’s when my son, Duncan, passed away and my life changed forever.  Before this year, I would anticipate January with trepidation and just want it to go away.  I hated saying the word, and I dreaded the approach of the 20th with a sick feeling in my stomach.  This year feels a little better and I know that my recent trip to Maui with Marty certainly helped.

You might think it was the glorious sunsets, the beaches, the respect-inspiring surf, the fabulous fresh food, exciting new friends, the fragrance of the local flora, and all the seductive attractions that Hawaii has to offer – and yes, all this was part of it – but it was something a lot more subtle.

Last Tuesday, we had the luxury of spending some time with a beautiful young Hawaiian mother and healer (Jeana Iwalani Naluai) who led us to sacred sites on the island, all the while “talking story”.  She shared with us her people’s history, beliefs, rituals, and spiritual practices.  Being in her company was very healing and it would have been so even if she didn’t utter a word.  We spent some time at one of the temples in silence, and it allowed a self realization to surface that I have been getting much more comfortable with as I begin to embrace it more fully. I was able to take a look at my “being nice” and understand the difference between being that way so people would like me vs. being that way because I believe that kindness matters.  I understood that everything I do in every moment has a consequence.  Has impact.  Creates a ripple effect.

Then there was Marty’s and my New Year’s ritual that we started last year.  We write on pieces of paper what we want to release.  Then we dip them in honey and burn them – a symbolic bittersweet “letting go” of that which doesn’t serve us any longer. One of my pieces was to let go of any unconscious limits I have placed on my ability to manifest abundance in my life – be it a loving relationship, a healthy business, or the wherewithal to get back to Maui as quickly as possible!

So… this January I’m not so blue.  I have much to do.  And I am already seeing a difference.  I am actually going to sing my heart out on the 20th.  It is something I love to do and I know that Duncan will be there listening.

The cure?  Just get so busy manifesting all that you can for the coming year, and the blues don’t stand a chance!

Branded by Maui,


P.S.  I am very lucky to have made many new friends in Maui… Aloha Jane, Chris, Amber, Skyler, Julia, Rhonda, Harvey, Jodi, David, Eric, Deborah, Jesse, Lisa, Ram, Suzanne, Ari, Lindsay, Mel, Bonnie, Larry, Julia, Lila, David, Marc, Jay and Paul.

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  1. Mahalo Buns, as you share it reminds me of how we are always choosing how to see our experience and I am thankful that your default is set to love and positive vibration.