Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Seed

I raced to get to The Seed Event on time. It was early and this symposium held in Vancouver would last all day until 10pm when Deepak Chopra would speak. Not only was it to feature some of the most innovative minds of our time but also cutting edge products and services. I walked into a vibration of beauty both visually and emotionally. The air was lightly scented with spices and a lingering touch of jasmine. My eyes were drawn to a vibrant glowing wall of intense green. Row after row of plants and herbs were growing behind glass that was radiating with light. Emerald greens mixed with sage and textured grasses and sprouts as this edible scene of living art literally took my breath away.

The auditorium though filled with people held stillness. The stage was full of stars against a night blue sky and promised an entry into the void not only of stimulating concepts but also into the experience of Self.

After an opening ritual with the intention to join thousands of people, health and longevity expert David Wolfe took the stage. His passionate avocation in promoting  superfoods, superherbs and medicinal plants and mushrooms for healing was fun and sincere and invited at the very least a taste test.  Bouncing around the stage with an energy that he couldn’t contain he addressed the toxicity of our environment and how the addition of these plants to our diet and also eating closer to a plants raw or natural state would help balance our  immune system and promote energy and vibrant health.  Then intuitive coach Karen McGregor talked of love and purpose, Nirmala Raniga covered a spiritual approach to addiction and many others followed who provided expansion to the diverse minds and hearts in attendance.

The food court was another experience not often found at mainstream events. With the speed of a fast food vender Eternal Abundance, one of Vancouver’s premier organic grocery stores and vegan raw food cafĂ©’s was offering fresh wraps, salads, mushroom teas and superfood smoothies. For those not familiar with this approach to eating the convincer was the energy that eating raw provided.  Raw, literally meaning nothing was cooked. From gorgeous butternut squash soup to the raw chocolate drink, the only sound that emoted from my lips was mmmmm.
This crowd was interested in trying new things and it made the lineups a place of pleasure, where conversation took precident over end game and the goal of getting something. Each moment was pure and full onto itself. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed being in this kind of vibration. And yes I have a new plan to incorporate the king and queen of mushrooms, Chuga and Reishi into a tea that will simmer on my stove all day long. It tastes great and balances the immune. Hello autumn.

And yet what most impacted me most were the two meditations that we stepped into as a group. Adam Dreamhealer, after speaking about the power to heal our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies by intention led us into an expansion of our own light field or aura and then a merging with the whole.
We were taught three visualization healings and as the lights went out not only did each person work on themselves individually but as a collective we sent love and healing to everyone present.

Later Deepak Chopra, looking fine in red Keds and hipster jacket, blended heart and science as he spoke about our origins as energy beings and offered tools on self reflection and knowing the difference between the actual and the perceptual. We journeyed as a group into our Essential Selves and then shared the love we found there with the room, with Vancouver, with Canada, the world, the galaxy and the universe.

When he asked, “Who are you?”  I saw starlight, blindingly beautiful in the void of dark depth that was the cosmos. When he asked, “What are you here to do?”  I felt my face being tenderly caressed by a pair of gentle hands and a voice said, “My daughter… you are here to love.”  And when he asked, What does the world look like that you want to live in?”,  I began to hear the notes of the song Imagine, John Lennon’s heart felt calling for dreamers to join in possibility. As tears cascaded down my face and my soul vibrated with desire, the lyrics crystallized with clarity and volume until I heard, “And the world will be as one”. I let the song wash over me as my tears opened me like a flower leaning into the sun.

And that is at my core, to live as one heartbeat. Even with all our personality differences, all our quirks and flaws, all our human machinations…to live as ONE.

 For me this is not an airy metaphysical concept or a momentary blip that was experienced in a meditation but rather a call to action, to a demonstration of the truth.

What would love DO now? What would love SAY now? Our interconnectedness is a scientific fact, indisputable and inclusive of every living organism. The task of translating that as a way of being, acting, communicating in our relationships, without defense or strategy or armor…well that is what I call an art form.

Does God exist? Deepak didn’t ask that question because it was unnecessarily. We had all just experienced it. No dogma, no discussion. We are one. We are home. We are love.

Everyone here is God in drag, he said.  Now let’s get real because none of this is relevant if we do not start with what is. And ‘what is’ as a human being is a mixed bag of light and dark. You can't profess to be aligned with the force of love if you are hiding parts of yourself, from others or from yourself.

It all starts with honest disclosure and transparency, from there you can breathe into the vastness of spirit and heal anything.

Branded by gratitude and longing,

Authentically Yours,



  1. It is very rare that I have read an enjoyable post like this. Truly I felt interest when I read this article. Thanks to write such type of interesting post.

  2. Thank you for commenting. It always means a lot to hear that something shared had impact. I am sensing you already know the power ot the beautiful Reishi mushroom??