Monday, January 21, 2013

Lose your mind and create a new one.

Why do we have to break the habit of being ourselves, I asked Dr. Joe Dispenza who I was interviewing last week on the radio. He talks fast, so get ready...

In a nutshell… “the same thoughts result in the same choices, the same choices result in the same behaviors, the same behaviors result in the same experiences, the same experiences result in the same emotions, the same emotions drive the same thoughts”, and around we go! You are stuck in a conditioned program from the past forgetting not only that you created it but that you are continuing to create it daily.

Your personality creates your reality and your biology actually organizes itself to reflect your thoughts. So new thoughts fired in the brain, wire together and result in new behaviors, which result in new experiences, which result in new emotions, and more new thoughts. This he calls evolution and says we can become an entirely different self physiologically through this process. Makes me want to send out the thought police to get myself in order.

Actually if my outer world is a refection of my inner world the idea of a Thought Clearing Boot Camp, isn’t bad. Gather a group of like-minded folk for a month, move in together and literally re-wire ourselves. We would live for thirty days as if the future reality we desire is already here. We would wake up to old outdated thoughts and let go of old memorized emotions from the past and instead cultivate what Dispenza calls ‘elevated emotions’ like gratitude and joy. The protocol is his, birthed from his years of research as a neuroscientist. The boot camp idea is mine.
I have done it before a few times when I was yearning for accelerated expansion.

Once I created a Relationship Boot Camp with a man who was convinced he was in love with me after only three months of communication. We met for the first time at the start of our three-week self-created program. The worst that could happen I figured was we would learn some great relationship skills. Long story, very intense, and suffice to say that by the end of it he not only didn’t know if he was in love, he didn’t know who he was.
Yup, existential meltdown. At least it was at a wonderful beach house in Ucluelet and we had two weeks of bliss before he succumbed to taking off his mask and being floored by what he discovered. He had read lots of books on personal transformation but just hadn’t worked with people so he had no tools to meet himself authentically. For all of us that means loving our imperfections and he wasn’t able at that time.

The other time was Spiritual Boot Camp where my friend and I exchanged lists of goals we wanted and couldn’t seem to achieve. The premise was that the other person would have total control over our agenda for 30 days and the power to dictate what we should do to attain what we said we wanted.
Did it work? No.

But what a riot watching one’s reactivity to being told what to do, even if it was in the interest of what we said we wanted. Even the repetition of meditation, exercise, good nutrition and emotional release didn’t create lasting change. At best we grew our friendship and earned T-shirts that said “I cry more before 8 am than most people in a lifetime”. Tongue in cheek but true, as we cultivated catharsis at 6 am, multi-tasking processing emotions with our physical workout.

What’s different in Dispenza’s approach is the focus on thought, biology and creating a body experience of a future reality as if it has already happened. The body can’t tell the difference, he says, if you are biologically connected to a new future. And if you are cultivating the emotions that would result if you had what you wanted, the brain re-wires as if the experience has already happened. You create new synaptic connections.

That state then broadcasts a message to the quantum field that magnetizes to you in form, your desire. Cool huh? Living ahead of time is living by the quantum law. Physical evidence will show up in your life to support this.

Manifesting 101…testing 1…2…3!

I think Buns and I have been doing our own versions of living this quantum law already. Whenever we spark together and we take risks beyond our familiar comfort zone, our joy or gratitude expands. In that moment we are broadcasting a message to the quantum field. And when this transmission becomes an unshakable habit, that is when dreams really do come true.

Branded by Trust,

Authentically Yours

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