Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Harmony Integration

I have just finished day two and it feels like a lifetime of clearing debris and moving into bliss. Really, time has stopped, stretched and wrapped itself around my mind so that my heart gets a chance to flow unfettered. I have signed on for a five day training that is full on, non-stop, 12 hour days of Harmony Integration.
A combination of many modalities, this path has been perfected and honed to a fine art by master teacher Satyen Raja who leads by example into unchartered waters. With discipline, laughter and bold creativity his commitment is to coach us to dissolve pain easily and recognize it for what it is, simply a garment of fear.
Here is the amazing thing in this training, this is NOT hard work. It’s actually not work at all!
When we see something, even opposites, as being made of the same essential substance, when we fully experience it that way, it dissolves the conflict and all problems disappear. Sound like magic? It is. I swear I have shed skin and surrendered inner battles that I didn’t even know I had.

 He starts us off with the words, “All pain is ever saying, is that one is not in alignment with what one really is.” And since there is no one out there, only in here, we get down to going inside.

 Diving into the deep end, seventy of us begin our day with yoga of the wild kind, classic poses mixed with sultry tunes that generate some pretty serious booty shaking. We join in a rich commitment to be of service to one another as we recognize that even the worst problem states have a positive goal for us. We are making art out of our wounds.

And then there is an experience even deeper. An experience where we fall into the emptiness and cessation of duality, into the void, into everything and nothing. We are not creating this state, it is inside all of us and calling to be remembered. Imagine being led there by what you consider your problems, your obstacles and struggles. I can only sigh in gratitude as I repeat this, over and over.

 We are all having intense direct experiences of our essential nature and pure joy is the result. I think the words I used as tears flowed freely earlier today is, I am velvet, electric blue black vibration. I am vast. I am life-force. How does one get to this state? Asking and opening to the questions in body and energy sensation, in image and thought and feeling.
Who am I? What am I? What is another? You know simple little queries. I enter the wholeness and realize the only thing that creates separation is me.  I have to laugh. It's starting to feel like living in a cartoon where the lines of reality are blurred and only limited by imagination. I am getting lighter by the minute.
Eyes wide open... I see!
Branded by cosmic laughter,
Authentically Yours,


  1. Wonderful. What a blessed experience.

    1. Yes,and once perception shifts you never really believe the illusion again. I love your blog. Thank you for sharing.

  2. How glorious! I am deeply pleased for you!!! xo