Sunday, June 23, 2013

Absolute Faith

How far would you go to have the life you desire?
We have been told to visualize all the details in the picture of one’s desired future. To make the picture so real and rich and clear that you can literally inhale it, breathe it in and feel it. For a person with a creative nature that is not the hard part. The difficulty is once the feeling is alive in you, to let go of the picture entirely and simply live in that feeling that your imagination generated.  If you want joy act as joy would now!

That is our part of the dance of co-creativity with the universe. Act as if you already have what you say you want.

 And I wonder if this is enough. Is there more I am called to do in my invitation to the world to dance with me and meet me in my heart’s desire, in my calling and purpose? I had left room in my future picture so it wasn’t so full of my little old imagination that the unknown had no space to express itself.  I opened to this idea readily and am still clearing out the old to make room for the new. And…what else? I can feel an inclination to action yet am not sure what that action is.

When I was young every move I made that altered my destiny was a result of bold fearless steps. While I was following my heart tugs I never knew exactly where I was going.  I left being an on air DJ at a classic rock station without a safety net. I was at the top of my profession and turned down offers of money and notoriety in order to pursue my longing to act. Instead of feeling the fear of leaving something successful and certain, I felt excitement. I don’t think I had one thought of trepidation as I launched myself head first into the unknown trusting that my path would open up as I kept doing what I felt called to do. Impractical…perhaps but in retrospect I followed impulse and I regret nothing.

So why does this state of mind seem to get harder as we get older? Do we see the risk of taking chances as somehow more dangerous and fraught with an increased potential of failure? Does our relationship to failure change as we age and we become more nervous about leaping into the unknown because we have experienced numerous crash landings in the past? Do we think our opportunities are limited as if we have used up our dance card? Or the worst case scenario…does believing anything is possible have an expiry date. Best before …

I have been teaching for a personal development company for the past sixteen years and this year will be the first that this won’t be the case. Saying no to another teaching year was not easy. I feel the pull of relationships and my love of teaching and wonder if I am going to regret this decision. And yet I know if I let the fear of regret guide my choice I will be strategizing my life and living a code that is not in alignment with my true nature.

Freedom of expression, creative expansion and boundless possibility are values that are crucial to my well being. This is as true around work choices as it is in relationship. I haven’t compromised yet and am not about to start. I know I can’t start the next chapter of my life by reliving the last one and while life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful, it does have to be moving in the direction of expansion. It has to inspire you. It has to excite you. You have to know your commitment is to live fully. When you know that then waiting for the right time to make a change becomes meaningless. Waiting is actually the very act that perpetuates stagnation. It is your contribution to not living the life you desire.  It’s like sitting at the train station watching trains go by and never getting on.  

Sometimes you just have to dare to jump. You have to trust you will land on your feet. There is no perfect time. There is no perfect place. The leap itself may be the step that ignites the unfolding of one’s destiny. The leap into the unknown is the accelerant.

On your mark…get set…fly….

Branded by faith,

Authentically Yours,


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