Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sweet Dreams

I know that everything is made of energy and vibrates at different frequencies but I had a temporary lapse and forgot to stay open to the vibration of my spirit. It happens.  I was lost in a sensation of plowing through thick waters and could barely feel the ‘me’ I recognize as myself. Instead I felt my struggle as if that was me. I thought I was my feelings, I thought I was my thoughts. I was asleep. And I truly felt like I did not belong anywhere.

Then I went to sleep and I awoke. I had a dream and remembered, as simple as that. I felt my connection as spirit, far more than simply this earthbound personality and could only shake my head at how powerful the impact of forgetting can be.  My dreamtime had reached out to give me hand in my amnesia.

Oh I felt grateful for the shift. I sighed so deeply as I landed back home in the present moment, back home in my skin. I was struck fiercely with my souls calling amplified all the more because I had momentarily felt lost.

Knowing one’s soul is not a linear process and forgetting too plays a part in the journey. I awoke from that dream crystal clear about the magnitude we all possess and our sacred duty to live true to ourselves by the inclusion of spirit based vibrational energy. And clearer still was the knowing that we are so much bigger than any perceived drama in this world of trick or treats.

The funny thing is when I forget to identify as spirit having a human experience, I also forget the importance of my dreams. I was reminded of how much our dreams have to teach us when I interviewed Okwaho Leblanc last week on conscious living radio.  She is coming to Vancouver to facilitate a workshop on indigenous dreaming in October.

In my dream I felt my current emotional dilemma and also my contribution to its perpetuation when I diminish my faith in myself with self-criticism and faulty evaluation. When we set ourselves up with conditions that must be met before we attain our hearts desire or have peace, we make trust in the process of manifestation near impossible.  Saying I will have that perfect love or awesome career when I change myself in some way, lose 10 pounds or find my real tribe of friends or co-creative business partners… fill in the blank, tends to give mixed messages to the universe.

 On the other hand, a pure heart with longing and gratitude, living as if one already has what one desires…well that is being a co- creator worth a chorus of halleluiahs. And we are creating not just when we are awake but also in our dreamtime.

Our dreams have so much to teach us. There is no black and white in dreams. Nothing is as it seems and linear time is not a concept that exists at all. In dreams everything is possible and appears or disappears instantaneously without the need for control or human will power.  

I am feeling very joyful this week. I am teaching a beautiful group of students who are open to remembering. My birthday is coming up and a group of us are going to be playing on magnificent Sakinaw Lake on the Sunshine Coast and my hearts longing is beaming into the world like a fine tuned homing device.

It feels like all I am called to do is keep my desire alive and live in the awareness of my connection to the cosmos, in gratitude that I have a sacred imagination that allows me to dream. I think of my dreams as the 411 to intuitive information, straight from my soul to me.  And when I get on board with my souls calling nothing can stop that from becoming reality. 

 Dream on. Dream big.

Branded by divine validation,

Authentically Yours,

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