Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Beyond The Mind the Heart Beats

Placing your hands gently on your heart, whisper, I love you.  I trust you. You are beautiful and you are wise. You beat in harmony with the greater plan of love. You are my guiding light.
Finally the words came! The process of dissolving identity is neither predictable nor necessarily speedy and being in this personal transition has made posting on this blog a tricky matter. Whenever I would have a thought to share with you that explained the process I was in I would no sooner start expressing when I would hear…wait…that’s not quite it…wait.
If this was a dream it would look like this. I am in a vast library with floor to ceiling books, knowledge on every subject, every person, every possibility at my fingertips. The spines of the book can be easily read and I just need to think of a topic or question and a book with the answer lands in my outstretched hands. Except then it would morph, become fluid and change. Nothing is steadfast. Everything is in flux.
I relate this to a dream state because in the past this accessing in the Akashic Records was always less about the mind and more about the intuition. And yet when information, even intuitive is then filtered through the mind and that deep seeded human need to make meaning arises, I am being told that now that too calls for transforming. There are ways of knowing without words, without needing to label and make meaning.
My glorious, dependable, safety mechanism, my mind, is dissolving. This is something cellular, energetic, something else…something without words. Until now.
So when the love song to the heart found me I was ready. How do you learn to trust air…trust nothing…trust flying without wings.
I knew the masculine part of me could not. The action oriented, set a goal, make a plan and follow through part of me could not take this leap of faith.
The sacred feminine was having her day and would not be denied. In this communion, energy would flow…or not…the call for me was always the same, open, release, receive. And trust me it did not always feel simple or clear especially when I was opening to stagnant energy that has been stuck in my system for generations.
Is it over? No idea and I’m pretty sure that question doesn’t matter. I am delighted to say that trusting only love is real is bringing heaven sent messages in the physical world. And oh I like that. Sometimes it feels like loving sweetness, other times like being ravaged by bliss. None of it makes sense and I am completely ok with that. Crazy wild synchronicities are everywhere and I can be with such a wider range of energies without reactivity.
The one place my tolerance has diminished is in my relationship to fear. I can no longer sit with fear, not my own fear, nor the fear in another. Not even for an instant.
I have given permission for my life to become what it wants to be.
Take it away heart… take it away dear soul. My hands are in the air.
Tasha aka Marty

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  1. Hey Marty... do you realize we have posted over 150 times on this blog? What I marvel at is how much we've evolved. Thank you for going on this adventure with me! I am still loving it!!! I wonder what's next hmmmmm?