Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Universe is Asking

Happy 2016. Oh it feels ever so much lighter. Can you feel it? There is a note in the air, a tone that is sweeter, distinct in its calling for all the dreams that have been germinating to bear fruit. 

When I think about manifesting a desire into reality, I have always known that faith plays a big part in the process. The belief that what you want is on its way and is coming to you, special delivery, expedited post, overnight Fed Ex, that certainty, is an essential ingredient in manifesting 101.  And then I pulled an oracle card for this year. 


What!!!  I love this. What I want, wants me!!!  How bold, how fantastic and how very tangible. It feels different than simply believing that what I desire is on its way. There is no measure of worthiness or merit or earning inherent in this statement. The reading went on to say, that the genuine desires of your heart are the sacred purpose of the soul, swathed in pleasure. Can you feel the release of freeing energy when you let this land?

To me it confirms my sense that this is not the time to dream small! You do not have to regulate your hearts yearnings, exert control, or subdue them. 

What you want wants you. Stop moderating, settling for crumbs or so called realistic versions of what you think might be feasible. Go for the big picture. What you want wants you. Dare to dream big and KNOW that the universe will connect the dots, you are only called to claim your desire and not shrink from the certainty that what you want, wants you. You are an energy being! As Wayne Dyer said, be realistic, believe in miracles. I am so enamored of this dance with the cosmos it almost feels romantic in its intensity.  What a glorious mindset.

And so it comes down to listening to the yearning of the heart. My heart knows what it wants and I become aware that at times I may have tempered that desire as if making it smaller, more manageable would increase the likelihood that it would come to me. Well no more trying to tame the voracity of what I long for. I will not settle for crumbs or managing my vision in bite size pieces. Let magnitude reign. What I want wants me. 

What you want, wants you!

NOW. Yup right now. 

Branded by my happy dance,

Authentically yours,


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