Sunday, May 29, 2011

Opening Presence

It’s my birthday on Wednesday.  I’m not overly excited about the number of earthbound years that I will be celebrating but I am amazed by the synchronicities that are lining up for June 1st.  It’s a new moon, there is an eclipse in the morning, (good omens apparently) and I am opening my new store – Presence. Very exciting indeed.  And scary.  In fact, last night I dreamed that I was walking very near the edge of a cliff, and I became paralyzed with fear and laid down on the ground so I wouldn’t trip and go plummeting to the depths.  I called out for help and my teacher magically appeared and whispered in my ear “just be centred and grounded and you will be okay”.  She had to repeat it several times before her message made its way through the layers of my terror. Now that I’m awake, my fear is far outweighed by my anticipation for this new adventure. 

What I am really beginning to see in this lifetime, is that when one is centred and grounded, and connected more directly with Self and Source than with anything else, then the synchronicities (that are always abounding) become easy to see and experience. Take my favourite door in the world, for example … there is a store on Granville Island called DragonSpace ( and for many years I have been captivated by its entrance.  It is a wooden door with a gorgeous trompe l’oeil that I have always wanted to have either in my dream home or my place of work.  I called them and asked who the artist was.  When they told me her name, I realized that I had known her for a long time but didn’t realize she painted.  I knew her as a potter and had actually carried her work. ( I hadn’t seen her for quite some time and lo and behold, before I could pick up the phone and call her, she walked into Starfire to say hello.  It was so magical… and yes.  She is going to paint a door for me!  I can’t wait!  Many more incidents such as this have happened and I use them as signposts that beckon… Yes! … take this road!  I am happy to report that Marty is right alongside me as I plan and design my new store.  And she is very patient with me as I sit with different ideas until the best ones reveal themselves.  It is an interesting process and I continue to find out more and more about myself as (my) Presence unfolds.

And now for something completely different …

This is for the two of you who sat with me last Monday night in gales of laughter as we talked about “rusty pickers”… Two of my friends and I were commiserating about our inability to choose the right men.  And while I believe that there are good reasons why we pick who we pick (or why we say yes to the men who pick us), sometimes those reasons aren’t readily apparent.  Take The Robert for example.  Yes, he is still very much in my life – sort of.  He has decided that for him to be able to remain connected with me as a lifelong friend, he needs to take a time out.  He has asked me not to call or email.  The interesting thing is, he is emailing me and continues to tell me about what is going on at his end.  Part of me wants to email back anyway because as I told him many times “You’re not the boss of me”, and part of me is quite content with the fact that at least he is trying to stay connected in some form.  I’m going to abide by his wishes for the time being but it is really difficult.  I miss being able to talk to him about what’s going on.  Just in case you are reading this TR, I’m really happy about your new Les Paul guitar! What I am most intrigued by is that I am still intrigued.  I’m sure there will be more instalments in the The Robert Saga.

And finally, I think in the midst of opening Presence, I might just start up a new band, McPhoebe and The Rusty Pickers!

Love Buns.  I'm outie.  For now.  I’m off to have a great day!

P.S. Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen. Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Best wishes for a smooth transition into your new place on June 1. You will be on my mind not only because it is your birthday but also for the opening of 'Presence".....sending maximum love, M

  2. ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!

    ONE MORE SLEEP!!!!!!


    There is nothing to doubt or be fearful of when one's passion is ignited, and yours my dear friend is ON FIRE! Just count the exclamation points the universe is sending your way!! ...not to mention pregnant pauses...
    Here's to painting walls and setting a foundation so you can soar as you wish.
    Believing into action...

  3. go girl! Think your band name should be the "noonie noonies"... xox