Monday, June 27, 2011

Mercy buckets and shameless plugs

 I usually try and write my post on Sundays, but this has been a particularly busy weekend with the actual opening of my store “Presence”.  It has been really well received by all who wander in and I have many people to thank… in no particular order (and if I miss you, I do apologize.)

To Sean and Al, my son and his Dad – I am so thrilled that we were able to pull this off in 23 days!  It was truly a labour of love and I really enjoyed working with the two of you.  (Well actually, Duncan was pretty much involved too in spiritu and that helped a lot! (

To Mark Ainley, my incredibly knowledgeable Feng Shui friend – your suggestions make so much sense and they work!  Thank you for your enthusiasm and willingness to lend a hand.  (

To Carole Henshall, who helped make my vision of the Rose Room come to life – it was so pleasant having you work here alongside me and “my boys”.  You did a beautiful job and I have had many compliments and requests for your info!  (

Connie Spiers, my friend and reliable business consultant has been a blessing.  From providing me with inventory, to sound business advice, to accompanying me on fabulous buying trips, to dragging me out to dinner when I’m too exhausted to cook, Connie has been beside me all along and I am lucky to have her!

And at zero hour, the girls of The Bay showed up to help… Nicola who has just opened her Horseshoe Bay Laser and Beauty Clinic, Kim Kavanagh from the Troller Pub, Michelle Cahén-Qureshi who has her own “Mimi’s Corner” inside Presence, and Mary Elliott, who will be busy designing/creating clothing in-store.  Thank you all.  What a great show of support!

Natasha Rosewood continues to play an integral part.  Thank you for arriving when you did and for liking the Rose Room!  Natasha will be coming over from the Sunshine Coast to do readings by appointment.  I am so excited about the possibilities that are unfolding! (

Tasha Simms, my friend and cheerleader.  You know how you have helped.  (

Woody Reid.  Thank you for the beautiful flowers.  And thank you for knowing exactly what to say, especially when I needed a lift in spirits.

Vicky Plover.  You’re great.  Like Woody, beautiful flowers and dropping in everyday to spur me on.  I’m glad you wanted me to stay in The Bay. I am looking forward to boosting the shopping trade in Horseshoe Bay with you!  (

Janice Savage… another friend who came by every single day to make sure I was doing okay… I appreciate your visits very much Janice.  And Janice will also be doing Thursday sessions in the Rose Room.  (

Sarah Taylor… I absolutely love my sign.  Just love it.  Hand painted and distressed.  (Sort of like me some days!!).  And I’m happy you will be having your jewellery in the store again.  (

And to my Wednesday night friends… there are so many of you who supported me in wondrous ways.  I know it would not have gone so smoothly had you all not had a hand in it somehow!

And I mustn’t forget Robbie, my electrician, and Kyle, my painter, who for some strange reason, were available exactly when I needed them!

Thank you all so very much.  May you all be repaid at least tenfold for what you have done for me. 

Love Buns

P.S.  Thanks to my sisters who I know are going to surprise me and come out here this summer to help me.  You can’t fool me!

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