Monday, August 22, 2011

You know when you know

It’s now eight weeks since my store has opened and there’s something quite magical going on here.  I’ve opened businesses before and their beginnings were often fraught with really high stress levels, no sleep, delays, financial concerns, you name it …

This time it’s a different story.  Of course, there are many of the same challenges, but they don’t feel so insurmountable.  I’ve realized that it is because right now I'm doing what I’m supposed to be doing.  And the first clue for me about that is that I absolutely love it. 

And the rest of the clues lie in the little things.  Tucked away in the back corner is The Rose Room.  This has been a dream of mine for many years … a place where people can come to surrender.  Sit in peace.  Be heard.  Be seen.  Be acknowledged.  And I have attracted some wonderful people who are able to provide that through intuitive readings.  Personally I love giving readings as well, so this has come to fruition from within, and it feels very much in alignment with who I am.

Last week, a woman walked into the store and asked about readings.  She didn’t know which of the four readers that are available would be the right one for her.  I asked her if there was anything in particular she wanted to focus on (that can help point me in the right direction) but she said no, she just wanted a reading.  For some reason, I knew it needed to be me and found myself telling her that I was the right choice – and I didn’t need to defend my answer either.  It just was.  So we made an appointment for the following day.

We settled into The Rose Room, and part way into the reading I was talking about her children.  She interrupted me to tell me she had lost a son.  Although that was not what prompted her to come for a reading, it was the main reason we were such a good match.  Her son had died from cardiomyopathy, as had mine.  I won’t go into to details, but I can assure you that the both of us got a huge healing from this reading. 

This is not the only time that The Rose Room has served its purpose.  Already there have been many people in for readings with either Natasha Rosewood, Janice Savage, Jean Bonvini, Shana Lee Gibson, or myself. When they leave, they do so with more presence.  It is such a lovely transformation to witness. 

All this is not to ignore the fact that I have a fabulous collection of clothing, art, lovingly-crafted jewellery, and other gifts (thanks to my stable of cool hunters) and I love that part as well.  The beauty of it all just adds to the ambience and the sense that yes, this is a place that is worth visiting.  For many reasons. 

I love what I am doing. 

Authentically yours,


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