Monday, August 1, 2011

I Can't Think Straight!

Pride weekend is a time of pure unadulterated, playful joy.

Everyone seems far more inclined to smile and say hello, genuinely engage in connection and live in a spirit of frivolity.  For me, being surrounded by people declaring their right to be themselves is like an accelerant that sparks lively conversation and passionate expression.

And to top it all off there are fireworks…collective enjoyment of exploding colors and sound…mmmm…I get turned on by it all. It’s like a volcano of excitement bubbles up in me the whole time. And where else can you see such a plethora of chiseled abs un-retouched by Photoshop!
My friend Jewel and I attend the parade every year wearing matching bedazzled cowboy hats (it’s the only time of year my ‘inner fashion police’ allows me to match). We dance at the beach tents after, in a mosh pit of high energy communion. Well maybe we do more than attend…we PARTICIPATE! Sometimes we dive into the ocean to cool off.  Always, we applaud loudest for the men in Olympian high heeled stilettos as they march down Robson St amidst the cheering fans, this year totaling 640,000.
As you may have gathered, on this blog I share what is currently in my heart or happening in my life. That at times includes my friends and while not all like to be written about, I think if you are pals with a writer it just comes with the territory... as long as you change names to maintain anonymity. With that caveat in mind, Charisma joined us this year. We made her buy a cowboy hat too and are thinking of creating a Pride Tribe, just need a wacky name for our playfully dedicated troop of wayfarers. Of course we are always discussing how to add to our brilliance and have decided that next year we need black corsets and combat boots with flowing lace skirts. I would love to add some black angel wings as well just to get in the mood of temptress but then there is the same dilemma of what to do with those billowy plumes when entering the dance floor ( other than poke someone’s eye out). Charisma already had that problem as she maneuvered the crowd with two Pride flags jutting out of her shoulders like fluttering rainbow wings….with sharp points on the end)

Every year my neighbors decorate the sidewalk in front of our building with rattan lounge chairs, huge straw Palapa umbrellas, coffee tables, potted plants and full size BBQ.  Drinks and appetizers are served and the atmosphere is carnival festive.  We 3 never sat down! Dancing during the entire 2 and a half hour parade was not only a workout but an exercise in fanning the flames of pure unadulterated enthusiasm. A new man (who I meet on Wednesday for the first time, hopefully at a sea side dinner by the outdoor fireplace at Dockside) suggested last week that the currency of exchange between people could become enthusiasm rather than money. If that was how we lived I would truly be a billionaire! And Sunday would have been the day we made our millions. Not to mention new friends, as Jewel teased the clearly straight police man who was working the crowd maintaining order. She softly inquired about his handcuffs and suggestions abounded about putting them to good use. Hey, it’s just that kind of day!
Post parade cocktails are part of the tradition, so after frozen margaritas we followed the music down to the water and into the thickest part of the crowd. There, men and women, gay and straight danced with abandon. It was easy to find yet another friend who had been spinning music on one of the parade's floats, her hot pink boa waving in the shimmering heat. As I watched the dance move her from the inside out, my heart flowed with pleasure and pride at her current day freedom with herself. It is a beautiful honor to witness someone you care about, release themselves.
I must say that the attention we tend to garner in this particular dance arena is always a tad inexplicable to me. Is it our glow, our radiant pleasure rippling out that impacts people? I really don’t know. All I can say is I have never had so many men adore me, tell me to never change, to always be the way I am and to keep shining. And yes, I wondered why heterosexual men don’t croon with the same appreciation!
We bumped and bounced and jumped with hip shaking fierceness, beaming smiles the entire time. I love this kind of freedom. No judgment, no evaluation, simply unconditional acceptance for everyone. Yes, yes, yes…I may be naïve. No doubt that is not all that was going on. But I have to tell you I choose to see this way and when I do, I fly with happiness. I feel connected and I feel our sameness as human beings, as spirits. I do love to bridge that gap between human and spirit. I think that is my calling!
I got a quote today from The Universe that comes daily into my inbox. It said “The great thing about feeling deep, profound, earth shaking love is that you can start with anyone.”
Can you imagine if you lived your life looking through a filter, through eyes that knew that statement to be true? I stay committed to this choice.  And it’s in these times that I can’t think straight.  I FEEL.

Authentically Yours,

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  1. You took me there! I felt that energy :)