Monday, November 28, 2011

Oops. My timing’s off.

In more ways than one.  I have an agreement with Marty that I will write my post every other Sunday and on more than one occasion I have missed the mark.  And now we’re into a busy time of the year to be sure, and I’m still honing my juggling skills.

This week I learned something really important about timing though.  Part of it relates to a little plaque my Mom has in her kitchen and I have looked at it for years.  It reads “The hurrieder we go, the behinder we get.”  And although that little saying has been indelibly printed on my mind, it rarely had its desired effect.  I am known for getting things done “toot sweet”. And often at a cost to either me or those involved, or both.

What I am realizing though is that there is much more to be gained by taking the time to “be” while “doing”.  I don’t want to get to the end of my life and feel good because I got lots done.  I want to experience each moment (good or bad, comfortable or uncomfortable) rather than focus on the outcome and be numb until I get there. (I actually designed a little notepad entitled the "To Be List" rather than the "To Do List" and it is quite popular.  I should take a page out of my own book, as it were!)

If I’m not present, I’m not respecting other people’s sense of time or how my actions my affect them.  I can be a downright bulldozer and not even realize it.  And I’m missing a lot in the process. 

I recently stumbled upon The Slow Movement (thanks Susannah!) and am quite entranced by it.  (Probably the fact that it is in Italy has something to do with it!).  Check out the link… I think they are on to something.

In the meantime, I hope all of you can experience how time actually expands when you sink into each delicious moment.  And I hope this will help to carry you through a traditionally hectic season.

Time to go!  Talk soon …

Authentically yours,


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