Sunday, November 6, 2011

You Know!

When your body talks, are you listening?

So many people think there is something wrong with them or that they have an issue, never quite realizing that the only issue any of us have is when we stop listening to our essence and get stuck trying so hard to find solutions at a content level. Judging, evaluating, criticizing…it's enough to drive anyone off the deep end.

In truth if you were willing to live inside your body and LISTEN to the information it is offering you in EVERY moment you would feel a sense of freedom and ease beyond stories and challenges and so called ‘issues”.  Even if the sensations you found were uncomfortable, they would be authentic. Authenticity combined with acceptance, generates a state of love inside you, for yourself!

Here’s the headline…THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!  Nothing at all.  You are not the problem, never were and never will be. Your perception on the other hand may just need some attitudinal tweaking so you can discern if the filter you are viewing the world, yourself and others through, is working for you.
 And then if not…CHANGE IT. 

When we move away from our inner body experience judging it as something we do not want to feel, we are in effect saying there is something wrong with us. Instead, DECIDE to see yourself and the world, looking through a filter that says ‘the world is a benevolent force that wants nothing but the best for me in every given instance.”

Of course you can choose your own lens and make it personally relevant. You know what your ego mind says about you in your darkest hour, flip it, choose the opposite, and make it positive, accepting and expansive. It could be “There is nothing wrong with me” or “I accept all parts of myself, I am ok”, choose something that works for you.

Then DECIDE to breathe into yourself focusing on what sensations you are experiencing in the present moment. Breath into what you notice. Tension in your belly, breath into that…tightness in your throat…breathe into that. Follow the sensory impulse and allow yourself to be in relationship with it, rather than try to change it. Then ask your body, what is important for me to know about this? Big deep breath and invite the pictures, words, or feelings to arise.

Your psyche is like an iceberg that has only a small amount of itself above water, the rest, 80-85% is buried below the surface…unconscious. The conscious mind above the water sees only water in the immediate vicinity and often will explain its feeling state by what it sees. Your unconscious mind is below the surface but accessible thorough your breath which then can transmit information to your mind. This knowing resourceful state is always available to you and waits patiently to bring you deeper into your essence, into the truth of who you really are. It is your birthright to tap into this depth and wisdom and it is your mission to ripple it out into the world.

If you follow the present experience in your body, wherever it leads, breathing into the next sensation and then the next,  it will inevitably take you deeper down, through the many layers of your psyche into the very core of your soul.

And because this is a friendly benevolent universe, if you are not listening to the truth of who you are in all your glory and vivacity, the world responds by giving you a tap on the head. If you don’t listen to that, it can become a 2 by 4 and if you keep ignoring the message, a whole house can crumbles around you. Stop shooting the messenger, those people who activate or annoy or disturb you and instead recognize that if you have a reaction, you are being called to follow it into yourself and learn something new.

So that has been my week…following impulses into greater awareness, inviting sensation and acceptance and staying open and curious about what it is all for. Lots of light bulbs for me around the masculine and feminine energies that are in me. And now to practice my insights!

It is not knowledge that is power; it is the application of knowledge that is power.

You  know.

Authentically Yours,

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