Sunday, May 26, 2013

Legacy in Light

Duncan, your spirit captured the room last night.
 I could feel you in every musical note, in every story that held your name, in the twinkle of your Mom’s eyes as she shared the stage with Sean, your remarkable talented older brother and in the warm inclusive gang of pals dancing, toasting you and keeping your memory alive.

Last night’s musical celebration was a tribute to you and all that you held dear. Family, friends, the joy of sharing song and laughter were all values that you playfully embraced. Wrap it all up in a raised shot of your favorite, Jack Daniels, and the room resonated with Duncan.

You know that saying, when life gives you lemons make lemonade, well Dunc’s motto might have been, find someone whose life gave them Jack and let’s make a party.

A scholarship was awarded last night in Duncan’s name to Devon, a talented guitarist/singer. Watching him play I had such a hit that your energy might guide him, perhaps inspire him to be all that he can.  You took risks Duncan. You were a teacher of living large and full out, not afraid to taste it all. You took a big huge bite out of life and you said YES to jumping off cliffs. Your voice is still alive and speaking inside every one of us who knew you. It just takes a moment to listen.

This year ‘the kids’ seemed grown up. I saw maturity and depth in the eyes of the boys that I have watched over the years turn into young men. I saw the ‘girls’ glowing with a deeper knowing. I wondered what you would be like if you had reached this age. Would you be bouncing on the dance floor rocking out with your buds?   I know the answer…it’s a given. Fun was your middle name!

And …I know you were there in energy. Your mom knows it too.

You are missed sweet Duncan. You are missed.

Leaving you with a poem from Hafiz, the 14th century Persian mystic.  He too was a man who knew how to live.

Because this is a food
Our starving world
Because that is the purest

Shine on McPhee!


Branded by love,

Authentically Yours,



  1. Thank you Marty.... this is so beautiful. It truly is my favourite night of the year! xo

  2. Beautiful. I wish I'd have known him. Based on what I know of Christie, I imagine he was some guy!

  3. I am sorry I missed it. This letter is so beautiful, thank you for writing it so I could feel a part of! xo