Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hi honey, I'm om.

In two days, I am leaving behind all manner of connection with the outer world for a week… turning off my cell phone, and turning on my self phone.  Taking a break from FB messaging, Skyping, texting, Instagramming, and the like, in favour of a more calming access to the information that I really need… my own. I need time out to help me become more mindful and less mind full.

In preparation for this coming week, I fulfilled my gazillion month-end commitments ahead of time, and organized my world so that I can arrive relatively stress free and get the most out of my retreat.  Or should I say re-treat.  Aah.  I am savouring it already.

What would you do with a few days of complete quiet and calm? What would you learn? What worries would you be able to quell? What commitments to yourself would you refresh? What could you release? What hard questions could you ask and answer and then put to rest? What terrible truths might you face? What beliefs might you uncover that simply aren’t true? What delightful truths might you find? Would you deepen your experience of love?

For me, all this and more.  I’m going to recharge my batteries for my next year. And in the spirit of the approaching silence, I’m going to sign off and leave you with something to possibly inspire you to take some time for yourself and relax into your own version of a retreat. 

Branded by peace and love,


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