Tuesday, October 8, 2013



When I feel like I have it all together I tend to move quickly flying from one adventure to another. The fun factor is high and laugher is the accompanying sound track. This kind of living has that lightness of being that confirms the universe has my back. Everything seems to fall into place so easily, from synchronistic events to parking spots. It just flows and the unexpected is embraced with the knowing that all is well.

Then there are times like now when life is filled with hurt or loss. The circumstance calls for a unique kind of attention. Acceptance is essential  especially since I really don’t have much choice in the matter and when the feeling of helplessness comes up for me, no matter how much work I have done on embracing all parts of myself, this part still feels like wading through molasses.

I have written before about how inviting deeper divine essence into the moment impacts my perception and broadens the meaning I attach to it. The divine is me and looking through those eyes will always expand awareness. Yet when I think of how the divine might approach times that are not easy I cannot help but know that avoiding them is not on the menu.

 I am noticing that there are people who seem to believe that simply stepping into the light is the way to alleviate pain and remember the truth about ourselves and others in this world of illusion. I sense a possible value judgment in that approach. It is as if they are indirectly indicating that the vibration of light is better or higher than feeling life’s challenges.  While I can agree that it is different and important to be in touch with, I cannot accept that it is better. Any kind of polarization of good and bad, better than, less than, is ultimately  not serving the force for expansion.  Or at least it doesn’t in my world. As soon as I strive to be something other than what I am feeling in the moment I am giving myself a message that the way I am is not ok. I will no longer do that.

Sure it feels wonderful to be cradled in bliss and oneness and yet the necessary embrace of shadow and pain brings its own kind of excruciating expansion. I don’t think we get to bypass this state. We are not called to go over it but rather through it. For me that thickness of pain can crack like no other state and reveal our essence.

 Some say that grief makes ones heart bigger. I say that grief reveals the bigness that is already there. The necessary price is feeling it all.

Branded by acceptance,

Authentically Yours,



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