Tuesday, November 12, 2013


It’s amazing who comes into your life just when you need a prod in the right direction. Those jolts only hurt if we resist…but I am getting ahead of myself. 
 I have never been a huge fan of back adjustments and just the thought of being cracked into shape when I am in pain or spasm is too much to contemplate. I only found myself on a chiropractors table because my Chinese Medicine Doctor http://www.tanyagee.com/home.html   ( she is a real treasure)  spoke so highly of him and he was just down the hall, plus after acupuncture, pain killers, and heating pads, my lower back was refusing to co operate and relax. Let’s call this state desperate.
 I had been in agony all week, couldn’t walk or sit kind of agony, muscles spasms so fierce it made me want to cry like a baby. I told him I didn’t much like adjustments. He said if you can’t touch the floor after I am done with you on the table we may have to adjust, but let’s see what your body wants. And with that he started pulling and stretching and digging into my muscles while at the same time getting me to dish. He mentions the connection between the lower back and emotional issues of loss and transition. I start talking…yup lots of that going on. I spill my guts, feelings ooze down my cheeks and I am no longer focused on his physical maneuverings, I am letting go.
 “Do you know what this is intuitively, he asks. I nod. “You don’t have to take on other people’s pain”, he says.
Yup, those lights bulbs are popping as I agree that is what I do when there is extreme loss and I feel powerless to help those I love, those who are suffering.

 I let go of that too and in that moment so did my back. I bounced off the table and touched my toes.  None of this is the prodding I was referring to, it was the prelude.

I came back a week later for a tune up. “Oh so you drink greens”, he said as he eyed my thermos filled with blended spinach, kale, sprouts and parsley. Somehow this lead to me talking about my slow metabolism and how unfair it was that I eat so healthy and yet cannot easily lose weight. That’s when he got firm and refused to accept my responses. "Do you want to lose weight?" he said.
“Of course,” I replied.
“Then you will! Make a commitment, you have to want it.”  
“I want it. I want it. I also want ease and softness and living with a gracious relaxed quality.” I insist.
“Oh you want your cake and to eat it too. “he smiles. “Do you realize you have just described your body?”
 I don’t get it for a second. Soft, easy, relaxed? Really?
“Why not just accept yourself the way you are? “he offers.
Yes I have been here before.  But here is the smack down. He refuses to accept my story or reasons for why the weight doesn’t just drop off. He    challenges my ego and I like it. After listening to myself, ‘yeah but’ him for almost an hour I finally hear it myself. The story I am running with is no different than when clients of mine complain about a situation and yet rather than staying committed to action that would change it, keep reinforcing it by believing themselves powerless. By believing the details are real they actually limit the outcome. Worse yet…generate the outcome.

Now I don’t have a lot of tolerance for repetitive stories and you can imagine how hard I laughed when it landed that I was doing just that. Looping around ‘not fair’, ‘can’t do it unless I starve myself’, ‘slow metabolism’, ’soooo unfair’.  Well hell…maybe my metabolism is slow…so what!  I can guarantee it will stay that way if I keep repeating those words.
I realize that if I created my story, I can also drop it and create a new one.
And that is the plan. Physically, emotionally, spiritually….I am dropping my story. I am leaving my name at the door because our names are the identity part of ourselves that hold the story. I am claiming my power to shift my perception and create any desired outcome.
So I want my cake and I want to eat it too. Yup, that’s what I want. Thanks Doc, both for fixing my back and sticking up for the truth that we may not be able to control everything that happens in life but we definitely can control the way we perceive it.
If you are a fan of light bulb moments and tuning into your body/mind connection this is the chiropractor for you.

Now off to the drawing board of my unconscious and imagination. I am going to feel myself into the very thing I desire. And the raw vegan dessert pictured above will help. Gorilla Food 

Branded By: Acceptance

Authentically Yours,

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