Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Abracadabra and other magic words.

I can’t begin to describe the breadth of experiences I’ve had this week, ranging from sheer delight in the magic of the universe to seeing a friend choose to go into palliative care to get some relief from her painful suffering. At both ends of the scale lies a common factor – truth.

Let’s start with my friend. She is a lovely, radiant being, full of light and laughter, and currently very ill. We have all rallied around to support her wish to manage her condition holistically, but none of us was prepared for the devastating waves of pain that she often endured for hours. She needed respite from these bouts and we weren’t able to provide that.  Through frank and meaningful conversation, we were able to help her find that her resistance to a higher level of care was seeded in her fear of facing her childhood sexual abuse. Until she was able to begin to confront that, she wouldn’t be able to make choices for her care that were in her best interests. Her fear of having others be in control of her physically was far greater than her desire for relief. Bless her heart, she decided a couple of days ago to go to the hospital.  While I haven’t seen her yet, I hear she is getting some much needed rest and from her daily blogs (which amazingly, she is able to still post), it looks like she is facing her fears head on and talking about them, no doubt helping many others do the same. I am awed by her bravery and her determination. No matter what happens, I know she believes her journey has not been in vain. 

It was through the assistance of our beloved local doctor, who got the wheels in motion for her.  I recently heard he had started a foundation (www.paulsugarfoundation.com), to help those in need of palliative care. I contacted him and he immediately went around to see her at home. I don’t know what he said, but I have no doubt that his gentle kindness went a long way towards making her feel it was a safe decision to get admitted to the hospital.  We are indebted to him for his compassion.

While this was unfolding, I was also in the middle of reading the book, E2, by Pam Grout, at the urging of a friend whose reading choices I respect greatly.  It consists of nine experiments to prove that your thoughts create your reality. To say that I am gobsmacked (or is that godsmacked?) is an understatement. I’m not going to share all my results but a couple of them will give you a taste of this experience.  In one of them, I was to state to the universe (or whoever/whatever you believe to be a field of potentiality) that I was going to see purple feathers within the next 48 hours. I went to work the next day and in walked a friend who I had not seen in a while.  She brought me a gift, accompanied by some very lovely compliments.  After she left, I opened it, and it was a pair of earrings.  And yes, you guessed it.  They were feathers.  Need I tell you there was a substantial amount of purple in the plumage?  Wow.  The next day, I was to ask again for a sign that would help me make a decision that I was currently pondering. For the purposes of an ongoing negotiation, I can’t give you the details – suffice it to say that it involved committing to spending some money that I didn’t have.  I was inclined to choose not to go ahead but it didn’t feel quite right.  Within the prescribed 48 hours, I received a notice from those fine folks in Ottawa who had decided that my income tax return needed reassessing. When I looked at the size of the cheque, I also looked at the payee’s name to make sure it was me!  The amount will more than cover my commitment, should I decide to go ahead with this business proposition.

What has this part got to do with the truth? To me, it’s to be fully aligned with the greater whole, have a connection beyond what I can comprehend and surrender to the knowledge that it is real and true.

I am reminded how blessed I am both to be allowed “in” to someone’s very private process as well as to be the recipient of endless abundance in its many forms.

Branded by hocus pocus and a whole lotta love,


P.S.  I'm so glad I found this version... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRfSbtCFKQ4

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