Sunday, December 1, 2013


Sitting in my hairstylist chair is often an adventure into the trajectories of random thought.
While the environment of a salon often pairs lattes with gossip and complaints about him, her, this or that, my hair guru Rio is a far more aware sort of being.
 With his own marvelous mane of dreads he marches to the beat of his own drum. In his case it would be a djembe.

“Did you know we could all have gone poof this year, literally bam…sun explodes and we are zapped? It seems there was a sun eruption last April that according to NASA sparked a temporary radio blackout on Earth. As he continues to share stats in relation to the size of various planets and suns, some thousands of times bigger than our own, I burst out laughing. As humans we seem so tiny in the great scheme of the vastness of the universe. Feeling happier than I had felt in days I realize that the thought of a great big bang and us all checking out together doesn’t fill me with dread. Quite the contrary, it seems like a fine way to go. I wonder aloud why I hadn’t heard of this explosion if there was concern that it could have ended the world as we know it.
NASA had been aware of the potential and decided to keep it to themselves he informs me. I laugh even harder thinking about how his business would have declined if we were all waiting for our potential demise. A haircut would be the last thing on my mind.  I percolate on what I would be thinking about.

With the Christmas parties just starting to move into motion I decide to poll people about what they would get up to if they knew the end was in sight.

“Martinis and cigarettes,” says my pal T who is a health food, vegan, partly raw, kind of eater. She never eats processed food, even making her own chocolate from scratch.

Family oriented folks talk about spending quality time with each other. At a film industry gathering last night  there are a few attendees who say they would stop working immediately and just hang out. Do nothing.

I wonder why just the thought of this possibility makes me so happy, laugh out loud happy. I do think I am at my best in a crisis and this could certainly qualify. There is something about the end of anything that prompts me to examine the middle and sift through details looking for my learning. If it were possible to let it inspire me to live more fully I would but in this case it’s not an option, we would be gone.

I realize I would definitely want to express my gratitude and joy to those I love and who have been a part of my life. I would invite everyone to a party, a flamboyant gathering at some fantastic retreat on the water that I could now afford to rent since conserving life savings is a mute point.

 I am sure we would indulge with all sorts of things that I have to moderate now and I also suspect the level of honesty would dip so deep that superficial conversations would become irrelevant. Lots of touch, breathing in of sunsets and silliness would ensue. And maybe that’s why I laughed so hard when Rio first broached the subject.   Clearly I could use a deep shot of pleasure laced with multiple threads of real. All my current worries would vanish…literally.

And I love the sense that we would all be in the same boat. All together we leave in a blink, in a flash. Tuck and Patty’s You Take My Breath Away, a song that never fails to move me to tears of joy would be playing.

 I trust that what happens after that will be less of an illusion than much of what I encounter on this plane.  I think I have just distilled what makes me happy to a simple equation! Authenticity plus pleasure, add a dose of creativity and sensuality, sprinkle liberally with good friends and voila.  A life well lived.  So how to translate this awareness of what is really important to my current life situation. Not sure yet. 

I do know it has to involve that lusty combo of real and deep with fun and frolic. And all those things I have always wanted to do, I think it’s time to do them.

I will have the human spirit combo please…extra mayo.

Branded by release.

Authentically Yours.





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  1. What a great post Marty! Shall I bring extra mayo on our trip to Dallas?