Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Super Broads

It is as clear as the twinkle in the eyes of a bride that I am married to creativity. When I recall moments etched in bliss, I am always in tune with the mystery of the creative force. And my bridegroom has been very enticing lately, adding deadlines to the mix and heightening the intensity of the creative experience.

I am working on a project called Super Broads. It’s about four aging, female super heroes who are struggling with their declining powers. They come face to face with who they are, beyond the roles they play and answer the existential question…Who am I?  

While the costumes will have a comic book flair, the examination of identity will have depth and meaning, played deadpan and straight, yet in the guise of a Super hero’s romp.

 My co-creator Frances Flanagan delightfully keeps the laughs a plenty and our biggest issue is remembering the brilliant idea we just had. Literally if we don’t write it down immediately, it’s gone.  Alas, those declining powers. 

We are submitting the project to a film completion called Crazy 8’s.  The rules of the project make it all the more exciting. You have 8 days to create an 8 minute short film. The budget is almost nonexistent, although support with equipment, casting and post production facilities is plentiful.
We are so lucky to have Shona Miko Musgrave on board. Not only is she an award winning director and producer, she is a Super Broad herself.  Her powers include a technical understanding of the visual effects so important in this genre of story, as well as the many nuances of film production. Oh so happy for this addition to our ménage a trois. We will meet with our director this week and soon become four. I love how making a film feels like creating a new family every time.

 I’m dying to share more but perhaps the names of our characters will give you a snapshot. We are busting open the stereotypes around aging and all of our broads are over 50. There is Electrica aka Sparky with her power of Illuminating Truth, Storm Blue who manipulates the waters of the world, Honey Lips with the power of Seduction and Shifter the transformer of the group.  Guess who I am playing!

We hope the ‘aha’ moments in the film will resonate as much for our audience as they do for our super heroes.  The realization that the only battle worth fighting is the fight that is inside you, invites a new perspective.  Understanding that things don’t happen TO you, they happen FOR you and the next adventure is always a destination that generates joy, is like a stepping stone into change and reinvention. 

We don’t get to go through life without being poked and prodded by challenges but what makes the difference between the journey being expansive and growth promoting or contracting and fear based, is one’s attitude and willingness to drop ones mask and get real. To risk letting go of identification as the role one plays and rather dance emotionally naked into the present moment may be scary but invites a kind of juiciness not found in safe boxes.  Now, I said emotionally, not necessarily physically, for those of you thinking, what the f__ck is she advocating now.   Although of course you could do that too! 

Electrica has a Tiara that shoots light from its third eye. She also had a Mirror of Truth, that she uses regularly. Guess what…so do you.  When you hold up your mirror and look at your reflection, what do you see?  

If you are a Super Broad, authenticity and radical honesty is the only language you are willing to speak. There is only one answer.  It’s a collective one, appropriate for all women, everywhere.


Branded by the Truth,

Authentically Yours,

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  1. I can't wait to see the finished product! You are clearly in your element Marty! So happy for you!