Monday, February 13, 2012


Stretching beyond a comfort zone may seem like work. For me the thrill of the motion overrides any ego chatter in my head trying to talk me out of it. And the ego always will tell you why it’s a waste of energy since it thinks there is safety in the known…in the walls…in the box.

I know that I feel most alive when I am stepping into unchartered waters. So today it was a small stretch, like broadening my preconceived notions in terms of my stereotypes about men (yes I still stumble across them). Tomorrow…who knows. All I know is I look for these opportunities.

Now here is my new revelation. I went to a medical intuitive , a woman who reads energy beyond the physical. The thinking in brief is that our  physical body is not the only body we have. It’s just the one where the vibration is so slow that we can see and feel it in the form of matter. It is on the physical body that we manifest symptoms of illness, yet it is in our other bodies called subtle bodies that the disturbance or dis-ease may be held. You can think of them as energy fields that surround our physical form, each with a different vibration and focus. After the physical body, is the etheric, then the emotional, the mental and the spiritual. Here energy can be intuited on a very different channel than the linear. Here, information is gathered through images, symbols and sounds but not through our seeing eyes, rather our sensing radar. 

This reader was dynamic and what she said landed for me. She said to picture an elastic band and that I am the band moving forward, trying and trying with all the effort I can muster. Yet the other end of the band is locked in place by an energy pattern that keeps me unable to blast free. Like wheels spinning I keep pulling forward because that’s what I do and yet the scenery stays the same. The elastic remains taunt.

All this effort is resulting in physical pain locked into my shoulder and neck.  Mmmmm…ok….I am going to let go. I will keep you posted as to what we discover next week but honestly I can already feel more ease simply because I see the fruitlessness of pulling forward. This does not have to be hard! 
I am cultivating flow as an art form.
I imagine life without effort. I imagine flowing in my natural grace. I sigh so loud with anticipation that the elastic shivers. Letting go can do that.

Branded by ease...

PS: Who knew that Buns is such a handy woman.
Today we shopped for shelving at Ikea, lugging units of high gloss red lacquer that are being assembled (yes by Buns!!!!!) to organize my work space.  She is a miracle, a gem among friends, she deserves an award and a t-shirt that reads I can put it together and take it apart.

PS: PS: I am planing the next Blind Date Dinner Party, just have to get Buns on the Internet dating.
And, I am off to Playa del Carmen next week so I will have lots of time to percolate poolside on the next stretch into adventure.

PS:PS:PS: Happy V Day. Big love to all and to all a good night.

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