Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Playing in Playa

Now I don’t mean to make anyone in colder snowier/rainy climes envious but I am writing this week’s post in paradise. Playa Del Carmen is a dream of a destination with perks I never really associated with Mexico. Yes, its sand is virgin white and the waters so turquoise and buoyant it feels like being cradled in the azure arms of the ocean but more than that, I am newly intrigued by the people I am encountering. The town is not like any other Mexican place I have visited. The variety and mix of people from around the world makes for a very cosmopolitan vibe, from the chic Italian quarter to Philippe Stark designed restaurants that have seating configurations like still life paintings, each tableau more whimsical than the last. Alice in Wonderland would have felt right at home at Mosquito Blue!
The boutique hotels are hidden gems. We followed some ancient steps to find a rooftop with pool, lounging beds and retro movies screening on the white stone walls.  Joan Crawford in a sombrero…yikes. www.designhotels.com/deseo
Quality tequila tastings are endless. I contemplate slipping into that pool, cocktail in hand.

Local musicians are plentiful here and friendly and the characters are fascinating. Ericka who fled the frost of Sweden marrying a Cuban ex pat now runs one of the many local cigar stores. Her husband is 3rd generation in the cigar business. The frisky doorman at Club Mandala, one of dance spots I dragged my son into at 1 in the morning, who waved our cover… I think because he pegged me for a dame with a gigolo, (but don’t tell my son that as he is just growing out of his ‘I am embarrassed by my mom who can party as hard as I can” stage.

I love Juan who makes me a café latte every morning taking pleasure in the sparkle that lights up my eyes at that first magnificent sip. And the Speedos! I thought I didn’t like them but I admit I am starting to develop a fondness for the look with so many wonderfully toned men wandering about. Oh wait, I am supposed to get over the eye candy pull. Mmmmm….it really is glorious here.

The best part is spending time with my son. Yes, he still rolls his eyes when he considers what I have  said dumb, but he is also owning it and no longer making it about me. I am learning a lot about myself too. I have bounced against a few areas where I realize I am still not fully accepting myself. I have known for a while that my ability to discern what I want and go after it triggers some people. Even knowing that it is their own disowned aspect of deserving or not feeling worthy that is causing the reaction doesn’t really help me wish it wasn’t happening at all. I think that must be the part of me that wants to be liked.
Here is the query I am in. I actually discovered that some people ‘dumb down’ what they want because they don’t want to trouble another person. When I ask you what you want, I want the details so I can make it happen. It gives me pleasure to get you your heart’s desire if I can. I don’t want a dumbed down request based on politeness. I find that concept of politeness overrated. I would rather know exactly what would bring you joy in the moment.

Yet what I am hearing is when I am asked what I want, if I supply all the details some people react and judge that as entitlement, as if I am asking for too much. I shake my head, perplexed. I didn’t ask, I answered their question of me. Why would you not say what you wanted exactly, if asked? I thought when people asked me what I wanted or they ask if they could get me something, they were thinking as I do and want the details. If this seems vague here is an example. If someone says do you want something from Starbucks, saying sure I’d like a coffee is ok, saying I would like a decaf Americano with about 3 inches of cream is not. All the extra details impact some people as an imposition.

I am left pondering this difference in perception and I bump up against a sneaky little thought that says it would be so much easier to just not want anything. And yet at my core I want to taste everything AND I am grateful for it AND I want to share it AND I want everyone to have everything they want too.

I like to go big, not at the expense of another but just as part of the human adventure in sensuality. Perhaps my task is to make peace with the fact that that is not everyone’s cup of tea, or rather in my case, glass of champagne.

And now the waters are calling, I am going to try the hydrotherapy pools, water features include a cascade to relax your back while walking on stones designed to hit reflexology points.

Tonight will be dinner and a local band on the beach at Fusion then more raucous dancing at The Blue Parrot where the dress code calls for barefeet.

When I build my urban oasis back home, I want to being sand up to the deck, have a fire pit and plunge pool and call it Playa. With enough heat lamps we can have beach parties all year long.

Branded by pleasure,

Authentically Yours,

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  1. When's the next beach party? I am SO in! (I'll even bring the sand!). xo