Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sittin' in the morning sun.

I came to my store early this morning to try and get as much done before I fly out the door for a mid-afternoon gig today.  I want to re-open tomorrow and I know that’s a pretty ambitious goal.  In one week, we packed an entire inventory, moved it all across the street and put it all in to a place that’s half the size, all while my son Sean was giving our new location a facelift.  It was hard work and we’re not done yet, but the incredible help that came out of the woodwork (so to speak!) was heartwarming.

Because my full attention has been on this move, I almost forgot to stop and smell the roses.  I did however, stop and smell the coffee next door at Flour Bakery and yes, I succumbed, not once, but several times to the tempting aroma of the fresh, made-from-scratch cinnamon buns.  I have definitely made the right move! 

To be honest, I don’t have a whole lot to say.  I’m taking a little breather before I dig in. I am sitting out front, taking in the sounds of a village waking up on a sleepy Sunday morning.  The sun is shining, the birdsong is in full swing, cherry blossoms are in glorious bloom, sprinkling pink snowflakes when a gust of wind comes up. It’s really beautiful. 

As I sit here, my thoughts also go to what I have left behind.  At first, I felt like I was leaving my safety net – one that I had created around me to soften the blow of Duncan’s passage.  As I have had time to take this in, I realize I am actually ready to take a further step in letting go of my constructs.  What I am realizing with such a warmth in my heart, is that it actually allows me to be closer to him without all the other “stuff” getting in the way.  It’s time. And it’s timely.

Next weekend, we are hosting the fifth annual McPhee Brothers’ Birthday Bash, honouring both Sean and Duncan with music.  Friends and family join us from far and wide and it truly is a lovefest.  I can’t wait.

And as luck would have it, I have scored the most awesome castle on the water so I can house my guests for the week.  When it comes to housesitting (or castle sitting) I do have horseshoes.

Sorry for the rambling.  Lots goin’ on. 

Branded by cherry blossoms,


P.S.  I’m almost afraid to list names here because there are so many to thank for their help this week.  I might forget some but here goes… Sean, Mary, Marty, Michelle, Karen, Donna, Laura, two Marks, Glen, two Blairs, two Bruces, Farris, Nick, Tina, Vicki, Emma, Albert, Lawrence, Neil, and Al.  For those of you that I missed, my gratitude is no less sincere.

And now, for your listening pleasure…


  1. I am so proud of you dear heart! You are grace in action. In the midst of chaos and betrayal ( really a disguise for a special and tremendous invitation from the universe to stretch)....YOU SAID YES!
    Yes to trust. Yes to faith. Yes to knowing that Duncan is with you where ever you go. Yes to new possibilities.

    And I know all the uprooting and clearing is here to serve your greatest good. As are your friends.
    We really are all in this together. My heart hurts for those who do not know that and count on it as a constant. ( which sometimes is me, I admit)
    And you my dear, are a teacher in this very valuable life lesson. I love you.
    Branded by the glow I can feel all the way downtown,

  2. Wonderful news Christie. I love how you speak about the deconstruction and reconstruction of your life past and present. Yes, we always need to be doing this. Tough work but so necessary for mending.