Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Ahhh…is there any pleasure greater than breakfast in bed, in an out of town local with no expectation other than enjoyment. Snuggled in a crisp white duvet in the sunken bedroom, rich steamy coffee in hand, a fire dances next to the fresh pine vistas as  I try to decide between an invigorating hike up to Lost Lake or a soak in the massive Jacuzzi tub that sits a few steps up, smack dab in the middle of this space. I am a lucky girl today. It’s the Whistler Film Festival and we have blind picked a couple of films that sound promising. Tomorrow it’s brunch at Chateau Whistler and a full day soaking in the outdoor pools at the Scandinavian Spa.

 La la la la la….yes that’s me singing and doing a mental happy dance. Still not leaving this smooshy warm cocoon.

I had a random thought earlier. In my desire for authentic closeness I wondered if I get overly attached to the evaluation of what is real and what is not. If perception is simply a coating on the lens of the glasses we look at the world through, am I peering at those in front of me with critical eyes, eyes attached to outcome, eyes that have some sort of agenda? Do you know what I mean?

There is an exercise that illustrates this beautifully. Two people gaze into each other eyes and DECIDE what perception they will write on a pair of metaphorical glasses. Breathing deeply, you might start with seeing through the lens of thoughts like, this person loves me, this person is my friend, this person has my back and wants nothing but the best for me. You would notice your body’s response to those statements. Then taking off that pair of glasses you would put on another pair.

 This pair offers a perception based on negative thoughts like, this person does not like me, this person judges me, this person wants me to fail.  And again you would notice how your body responds. The difference is extreme. Now you have a quick and intense example of how the thoughts we run impact our physiological and emotional experience of the world and the people in it. What I love about this is it means I can choose ANY perception I want to govern my experience. I have the ability to be emotionally free based on what I am thinking.

So my random musings percolated into my consciousness as I wondered about what is written on my glasses when I have thoughts like, this person is not being authentic with me, this person is asleep, I can’t listen to another drop of the superficial drivel coming out of their mouth.

Oh I am so politically incorrect but honestly I sometimes feel like screaming “Stop, time is too precious, let’s get deep and real with each other, vulnerable and even messy but fully, utterly and completely alive!” And that’s when I wonder mmmm…. maybe I could just let go and love what is in front of me. Maybe I could chill and choose to perceive goodness or at the very least get curious and go with it. I could open my heart, breath and soften. Really what is real anyway but the love that is always available to be expressed…or not.

Ok. That’s my mantra for the day. On my glasses today with each person I meet, I will look through the eyes of, this person is unique, this person has a story, this person is the same as me. And I will breathe deeply as I do it.

Sigh. All is well. Oh and please universe, I know I am a dreamer, but a cold snap so we can play in the snow today would be bliss.

Branded by ease

Authentically Yours,


PS: Guess what…it happened…SNOW!! Yippee!

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