Monday, July 29, 2013

Alive and Well

“Fear creates disease, love heals all. How many people know this?” asks Dr. Brian Clement of a roomful of people who had come to hear him talk about the healing power of eating live food and other radically successful  approaches offered at The Hippocrates Institute in Florida.

This cutting edge medical center has taught hundreds of thousands of people how to help themselves actualize a life free from premature aging, disease and needless pain. They work with people who have given up hope struggling with diseases from cancer to diabetes, as well as ‘smart people’ who are awake enough to know that unless we make significant changes, physically, emotionally and spiritually, our health and enjoyment of life is limited. Bottom line is: If you want health and vitality on all those levels you need to wake up!

Dr. Clement and his wife Anna Maria have a startling success rate in their work and offer scientific clinical data backed up with  their testing of over 40,000 people, over the past 60 years. They are saving lives! People who were told they only had weeks or months to live, regained their health.
This weekend was a symposium of information, not all of it comfortable to hear. It was also a taste sensation of creative delectable raw food that was offered by the cities best raw food restaurants, including Eternal Abundance, my personal favorite on commercial drive in Vancouver. 
If you think of raw food as crunching on celery you have to get down there and check out their delights, from soups and salads to main course treasures and gorgeous sugar and gluten free desserts. The manager's name is Alex and she is not only a generous and talented soul but fierce in her creativity and commitment to the environment.

In many ways my world felt rocked this weekend. Realizing that Canada has just become the first country in the world where cancer is the number one killer, finally beating the States, where heart disease still tops the list, was an eye opener. My illusions about health and wellness, as well as the environment were being burst one after another and all roads seemed to lead me to conclude that I had to broaden my perspective and make another radical shift in consciousness.
I have done so much emotional and spiritual work. This time I had to focus on the physical. Food, exercise, the body, and the impact of what I was eating, on the environment. Now I have always been a healthy eater but after this weekend I felt called to do more. And luckily my new roommate, who no doubt you will hear more about, comes with all the appliances to help make this transformation possible.

The Clements advocate a 75% raw vegan diet, filled with blue green algae, sprouts and grasses. They are ecstatic about the nutritional benefits of juicing and detoxing and as Dr. Clement shouts out…It's not for sissies!   Well I may be a lot of things but a sissy is not one of them. I am going to try this lifestyle fully and see. My final authority is always how I feel, but I will give it a solid month or two and reassess. I will keep you posted.

First though Buns and I are going to Vegas. That’s right, Vegas. Starting a juice detox and eating all my food raw in Vegas is just not in the cards. (Pun intended)  Having an adventure with my buddy is.

Can you imagine explaining to customs the contents of my baggy filled with blue green power?

 “It’s algae officer, you drink it or put it in gel caps and it is the world’s most complete food, a super food really, with antioxidant compounds and it boosts your immune system. Honestly, it’s not a controlled substance, and no, I wasn’t planning on selling it in America sir, although it does actually make you feel pretty darned good and yes I would consider sharing.”

I don’t look in orange overalls. I sense the above story would not have a happy ending so I will wait until we return. 

Branded by transformation, (Only delayed by one week)

Authentically Yours,


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  1. I love you dear Marty ... I loved dancing with you in the isle. Dishy