Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The New Normal

A beautiful group of individuals that I have been mentoring, graduated yesterday. It was no ordinary graduation! For the past three years they have been shining a light on every part of their psyche and their souls. Yesterday I had the honor of witnessing them claim their magnificence.

Self awareness is no longer a niche or some obscure option delegated to ashrams and navel gazing on mountain tops. Most people these days are not content with ‘how’s the weather’ and even a brief wondering about life with a ‘is this all there is’ query is not deep enough to satisfy. More and more people want something radical. They want to know themselves outside of convention. They long for inner knowing that goes beyond what they do for a living, the roles they play, the roles that were inherited and the programs that run us.

People want to wake up and answer the most existential of all questions…who am I? Attaining that answer is a process, a journey and a true hero’s quest that can never be fulfilled within the stable confines of a box.

 The twenty one diverse individuals who stood before family, friends and strangers yesterday had become fearless in their commitment to break free of self imposed limitations and fall in love with themselves. They stood up one at a time, emotionally naked and shared their stories. As they revealed buried secrets, exposed the critical voices in their heads that had once ruled them and claimed what they would now stand for in the world, their inner light brightened until all defenses dissolved.

They stepped into true power.  Freedom! Passion! Joy! Connection! These values were not just words but rather specific action steps and ways of being they were demonstrating and committing to living in the world. No longer held hostage by circumstance or another’s behavior, they fully accepted their flawed humanness, accepted all parts of themselves and landed in the solid knowing that they were one hundred percent responsible for their inner state…no one else. Pass the Kleenex. I felt so proud.

Can you imagine living this way? What would you do or say to live so transparently that you teach radical honesty in every moment, every relationship without exception? 

2012 heralded a time of change and I believe this is it! The call is no longer for a few individuals but for all of us to wake up and live authentically expressing our essential values.
What would that look like in your world?

To experience this intimate connection demands only one thing, one loss. You would have to lose control! You would have to drop strategy and defense and chose love over fear, vulnerability over defense, happiness over being right.

And when you meet people who have missed the memo, you would model your values proudly…lead by example.

This is the new normal!
This is the aphrodisiac of the soul!


Branded by transparency,

Authentically Yours,

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