Saturday, February 22, 2014

Are you sitting down?

Normally I post every other week, but I asked Marty if I could do a sequel to last week’s “The magic of Molly”.  This just couldn’t wait.

Let’s start with a dog named Dudley. He arrived in our household twenty years ago when his owner was no longer able to care for him. I thought the boys might like to have a pet.  It didn’t take long to realize that this just wasn’t going to work.  Great dog.  Wrong household.  One day I heard that our neighbours’ Bart the Wonder Dog had been hit by a car on the highway and they were devastated.  I picked up the phone that very day and said to them, “this could be the most insensitive phone call you’ve ever received, or the most well timed, but I have a dog that desperately needs a better home. They arrived 10 minutes later and for years afterwards were grateful that I had offered Dudley to them.

Next stop on our timeline… 6 months ago. I had already begun to formulate a vision of my dream wheels – a turquoise, convertible Mini – and wondered if there even existed such a car.  I walked down to a local restaurant for our weekly business association meeting, and there, out front, was a Mini.  A turquoise, convertible, 6-speed Mini! I was stunned.  I took the picture because I wanted to have it on my phone and put it on my vision board. When I walked inside the restaurant, I looked around to see if I could match the car with the owner.  The only person I knew was Dudley’s “dad” from way back when, but I didn’t get a chance to talk to him as I had to chair the business meeting. When we were finished, I looked around to see if he was still there, but he had left.  And I didn’t even know if the Mini was his.

In the meantime, the search for my Mini intensified.  I contacted the dealerships around town, and some of them told me it would be like finding a needle in a haystack. Others said that colour didn’t exist.  I sent them my picture.  They said perhaps it was custom ordered. One of them even suggested that red Minis were all the rage.  I promptly wrote back and told them that they clearly didn’t know me and my level of determination to find my dream car.

Roll forward to two nights ago when I was singing at Hugo’s Restaurant – a now-weekly gig that keeps me off the streets. Who walks in but Dudley’s “dad”.  There I was, up on stage, supposedly paying attention to the song I was singing, but in between verses, I craned my neck to look out in the parking lot to see if there was a Mini out there.  There wasn’t.  I was undeterred.  After my set, I went over to him and we got caught up.  We probably hadn’t spoken in ten years.  I decided to go for it and ask if he drove a turquoise Mini.  He said he did, just not that night! I showed him the picture on my phone, and he said that was his exact car. So at this point, having nothing to lose, I asked him if he would sell it to me. And without batting an eyelash he said, “of course”.  Like it was a no-brainer for him.  Like it was obvious to him that it needed to be mine.  To say I was gobsmacked is a complete and utter understatement.  I stammered that I didn’t have the money yet, but that I only needed to get it before my birthday in June.  He said that was no problem, he needed to keep it for a couple of months anyway.  When I asked him why he would sell it, he said his new partner doesn’t drive a manual transmission so he has to get a new car. We settled on a price (I already knew what it was worth) and shook and then hugged.  And then I had to.  I did a happy dance right in the middle of the restaurant floor.

Lots of laughs and “holy cows” from my friends who were there. They knew I’d found my Molly.

Now I just have to find the moolah.  No problem.  The hard part is over.

Branded by determination,


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