Monday, March 11, 2013

The Perfection of Imperfection

I was super excited when Andrew said that we could share our blog Authentically Yours here on the Conscious Living site. Buns and I have been writing it anonymously for over a year and it has been a labor of love. Birthed out of gratitude and a desire to live full out, we committed to sharing our adventures transparently both in touch with spiritual principles and our fabulously flawed human nature.

This journey of self exploration has challenged and stretched me. Do I reveal everything that is bubbling in the dark corners of my mind, including problems and struggles or do I only present as positive? Can I show you my fears and insecurities? Which is riskier, more of a stretch?  

How come it seems the more spiritual people claim to be, the less revealing they are of their own challenges?

Do you really believe that being awake is an absence of issues?

To me, being awake means my relationship to what is an issue or flaw becomes softer, infused with acceptance and even humor. If I can show it, I am in effect saying I am not it.

My goal is to lighten up and accept all aspects of my human experience. No more hiding or holding back. I commit to real. Can you imagine if we all just stopped trying to look good? If we stopped listening to the voice in our heads that says, “don’t show that, it’s weak or unevolved or way too messy’. What if demonstrating self acceptance by revealing is the essential first step in healing?

I see the sharing of flaws as declaration that we are all the same, that there is nothing to hide. And when the mask that separates us is dropped and authenticity becomes your go to…that is when energy floods in and life gets really juicy.

I am committing to loving my imperfections. I can be a brat, feel sorry for myself, judge, compare, be a baby AND in the moment of my own acceptance I can shift and be free of defining myself as that experience. I have my thoughts, I am NOT my thoughts. I have my feelings, I am not my feelings.  

I don’t want to hang out with people who pretend to be evolved. I want my tribe to be diverse, full of contradictions, messy feelings, vulnerabilities and loyal to being real! Managing, controlling the spectrum of the human dilemma is not spiritually evolved. It is boring. I like being around people whose inside matches their outside. People who take risks.

Having gone through years of trying to become some better version of myself through workshops and spiritual practice I have discovered the simplicity of wholeness comes when I accept my entire human experience and yours too. Then I am acting as my spirit self would.  

I won’t leave my flaws behind. I can’t. I like chocolate too much, and a perfect martini with double extra large olives and being impulsive, like last night’s encounter where we fell in love with strangers over dinner at Nook
 and are now planning to rent a European villa with them somewhere in Italy or France.

So Buns and I invite you to catch up on our adventures on the Blog and share your comments and stories.

We are all one and we will feel that most fully when we drop our defenses and simply get real. Human real! That’s what spirit would do if it had a body. Oh wait. It does!

Branded by imperfection,

Authentically Yours




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  1. And last night's adventure continues! They are coming out tomorrow to go fishing at Sewell's Marina! Fingers crossed for a superbly gorgeous day on the water. They have a fabulous retreat in Australia that I can't wait to visit...