Thursday, December 30, 2010

For he's not enough

I have sung along to this song for years thinking “he” was not enough and wondering who “he” was.  It wasn’t until many years into my Christmas-carol-singing career that I learned it was actually Feliz Navidad.  And after all those years of my wondering, “why isn’t he enough?”

Well, how do you know? Right now I am waiting to hear from Marty as to whether or not she will be meeting Chicago in Seattle.  The suspense has been building ever since he was not able to make an appearance in Vancouver before Christmas and then decided to meet Marty for New Year’s Eve with The Robert and me tagging along to make it a night to remember!  The plan was (and maybe still is) to begin the year in the way in which Marty and I intend to continue, so we booked the corner suite at Hotel Sorrento and are planning a food-shopping spree at Pike Place Market followed by a sumptuous picnic pour quatre in a luxurious surrounding.  The evening is sure to provide a lot of scintillating conversation, sprinkled with some sparkling repartée and no doubt a dash of rapier wit as the night wears on.  As well, we are planning a ritual which I will leave Marty to explain when she gets a moment.  Marty is, as we espeak, working out some of the finer details with Chicago before the evening is pronounced a “go”.

In the meantime, some explanation is in order.  When I refer to starting out the way we intend to continue, it is for Marty and me, a way of stating an intent for 2011.  This includes treating ourselves well, from eating healthily, to enjoying aesthetically-pleasing environments and having the resources to do so.  That certainly is my theme for this coming year – building up my resources.  Being conscious about finances. Being discerning about how I treat my body, mind, and spirit.  Being enough. 

As for The Robert you might ask?  I might ask him to write a post so that we can get his point of view.  (I haven’t told him this yet …)

So for now, I say my farewell to 2010, an incredibly rich year, full of joy, soul-searching, miracles, and many new beginnings.  I can’t wait for 2011!  My wish for all of you is that you set a course for the New Year and find what you need to keep you on the path to your heart’s desire!  With love to you all, Buns.

And for our readers in Russia... с новым годом

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