Friday, November 19, 2010

Perfection isn't all that it's cut out to be .... (so cut it out!)

Hey Marty ... I hope you slept better than I did last night. I had so many ideas flying around in my head for our blog that I should have just turned the light on, got out my notebook and written it all down... By the way I got such a kick out of your virginal post ... with all the ellipsises ... ellipses?................. As I am a recovering perfectionist I decided not to tell you that typically an ellipsis is restricted to 3 dots ... hence the 4 in the title! In fact, according to, "ellipsis marks are a set of three periods that indicate dropped words or a dropped thought within a sentence." So don't be surprised if one day my post consists of just dots!

I was anything but perfect today. I cried in front of customers. Yet all the while I was thinking that it was actually okay. Today Whistler opened and I miss getting that phonecall from Dunc telling me of his excitement for the season. But, I am truly blessed and loved. One of his friends came to see me and told me how much he had inspired her to follow her dream and how he had introduced her to people that he thought would help her on her way. He continues to show up for her in wondrous ways (as you know he does for a lot of us) and my tears were more of pride for him (and her) than a sense of loss. I know a few of his friends did a run in his honour today and I am happy he is remembered with so much love.

And now it's only seven more sleeps until I see Robert for the second time in about twenty years. We have talked so much in the last few months that I feel closer to him than had we been in each other's physical company during that time. I am really wondering if there is something to be said for long-distance relationships (at least at the beginning) so there is enough space to learn about each other (or get to know each other all over again). I am really looking forward to seeing him but I'm nervous too. I have a week left to get over myself (needing to be/look perfect for him.) And I'm actually beginning to believe that it's going to be just fine. We had a good chat today about our blog and I thought it was awfully good of me to promise that he wouldn't read anything about him on the blog that he and I hadn't talked about!

That's all I got Marty (imperfect grammar intended). It's been a long day. Can't wait to read about yours ...

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  1. - Just dots, that's a good one.
    - Choked up myself, when I read about your tears of pride.
    - OMg, I'm nervous too, my little Hunny Buns. And excited! And nervous. Did I say nervous already. I think so.